LED Cube

October 2016 - Present

What I've been working on!

I am currently working on the final edition of my LED Matrix Cube project. At SD Hacks 2016, I designed, manufactured, and assembled the final Cube which has improved RGB displays and more possible applications. The Cube is meant to serve as a multipurpose graphical display. It has useful and creative purposes in the areas of art, engineering, and the Internet of Things. For artistic purposes, the Cube has the capability of using 3D to 2D graphical projection to display 3D objects on a 2D plane. The Cube is good for engineering purposes when it comes to displaying the status of systems or as a XY plane for plotting data. Lastly for the Internet of Things, the Cube is capable of displaying the weather, news, musics, and other aspects on each of the six displays, and using the Leap Motion (Hand gesture sensor) to interact with the apps.

My current goal is to embed the microcontroller and all of the necessary sensors into the Cube, and to create cool animations/applications with the Cube.

Embedded Systems Project

This is my CS120B Embedded Systems project for Spring 2017. I created an LED Cube Audio Visualizer that dynamically displays the amplitude of sound. I display sound amplitude using my RGB LED Matrix Cube. The Atmega1284 Microcontroller receives sound input from 2 methods: from a microphone, and from a sub circuit that amplifies sound coming from an audio jack. The Atmega1284 communicates to an Arduino via UART to send commands to the Arduino to drive the Matrix Displays. A Nokia Display displays the Menu options.