LED Cube Experience

Fall 2017

Rev 2 of the Cube

My goal for this project is to create an entertainment experience for anyone producing or playing music at a concert stage or venue.  As a frequent concert goer and raver, I would like to redesign the concert/rave experience for the audience viewers and performers. My passion for art, music, and engineering has led me to create something that uses music to controls lights. I will be building upon what I created for my CS120B Project. In my CS120B project I displayed the amplitudes of sound picked up from an AUX cord and microphone using the LED Matrix Cube as the primary display device.

What I would like to do now is modify the cube idea so that each LED Matrix panel is motorized and is able to expand and contract on the cube. My goal is to have the bass/hi-hat notes from music to synchronize with the lights and motors so that movement is visible on the cube. My inspiration came from Deadmau5’s cube. The Cube will be designed to be deployed with a tripod at concerts/raves. This modular method of deployment follows the modular philosophy of Tait Towers. It will allow for better transportation, support and stability. During a typical show both recorded music and live music that is played will display lighting/motor effects. The music that is played on the MIDI controller will drive patterns on the LED displays.

Block Diagram

Task Diagram