Honorable Mention @ SB Hacks III, UCSB, January 2017

FPV Battle Bots!

We created a system named 'FPV Battle Bots' where two users each wear Virtual Reality Google Cardboards and are able to control and fight a Bot. The bots have an accelerometer for detecting impacts and a USB Webcam mounted on two servo motors. The servos are able to rotate X and Y axis from the user's head rotation which streams video to the user's eyes all in real time. All design, manufacturing, and assembly was done onsite at Citrus Hack 2016.

Post-Hackathon Achievments!

After taking second place and winning Equipo Vision's prize, our team, Los Hackers, received various types of recognition. We were featured in two articles from UC Riverside's newspaper, The Highlander (links are below), interviewed by the company Skrocket, and given the opportunity to collaborate and present with the companies JL Freight and E-Logs Technology.

Students Showcase Programming Skills at UCR's Citrus Hack 10/31/2016

Decoding the Citrus Hackathon: An up-close look at the winners Spyridon Catechis and Los Hackers


Presentation Opportunity with JL Freight and E-Logs Technology


(The presentation below describes the entire project in detail)