Gustavo J. Correa
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User Experience Design for Research Lab Applications

Project Info

Location: University of California, Riverside (UCR); Autonomous Systems Perception, Intelligence, & Navigation (ASPIN) Laboratory

Project Team: Gustavo J Correa, Gogol Bhattacharya, Joe Khalife, Dr. Zak Kassas (PI)


During the Summer following my Sophomore year, I interned at the ASPIN Lab directed by Dr. Zak Kassas. My focus for the Summer was assisting the graduate students achieve the vision of developing a resilient and accurate navigation solution in GNSS-challenged environments. I helped design solutions to automate the graduate student’s processes for field tests, data acquisition, and research.

The first task for the Summer was to help develop an automated software platform designed to improve efficiency of using a drone for field testing and cellular antenna data acquisition. This platform consisted of programs written for MATLAB, the drone’s onboard Linux computer, and an Android application to interface with the drone and onboard computer. The image on the right illustrate's the Android application developed and was a great introduction to the world of App development and User Experience (UX) Design.

From lab projects and discussions with the graduate students, I later developed an interest to explore sensor fusion and its applications in a self-contained embedded system. My personal research into sensor fusion and controls theory introduced me to the world of robotics and autonomous sytems.

Android Application UX Design