UC Berkeley Biomimetic Millisystems Lab

Dr. Ronald Fearing, 08/2018 - Present

At UC Berkeley under Dr. Ronald Fearing in the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, I co-authored a publication currently under review for the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) on the project titled, “OpenRoACH: A Durable Open-Source Hexapedal Platform with Onboard Robot Operating System (ROS).”
It was an incredible experience developing a robot that serves as a research tool for legged robot design, fabrication, gait control, and locomotion. I integrated the BeagleBone Blue with ROS on the OpenRoACH robot to enable Augmented Reality (AR) tag detection and tracking. Surrounding myself with roboticists working on cutting-edge robotic technology and interacting in the lab’s dynamic culture inspired me to improve robotic mobility an iteration at a time as a Ph.D. student.

Publication and Presentation